Eating Healthier post 1

I am going to do this. I'm starting my little plans to start getting my health back. I've been lazy too long and it's sad to me. My start was weaning myself off sodas these past two weeks. I'm down to 1 can of soda at dinner time. The rest is Powerade Zero and water.
My next step is to undo the night time munchies that started with pregnancy three years ago. Those are the worst things for me.
As for meals I'm going to be somewhat using Adkins but I can't do all the leafy greens they suggest since I'm still on blood thinners until June. So I will have to figure substitutes.
The nice weather has returned and my German Shepherd Rescue, Gracie, has come to realize that she LOVES walks. My daughter and husband like to do walks too so it's nice to have encouraging weather for a good cause.
I write all of this for the accountability aspect. If you see me about to dive head first into a bag of greasy chips--- take them away. That barrel of soda I'm about to down--- toss it out back. 

 — feeling motivated.

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