Eva is one year old

How did she grow up so fast? I still feel like it wasn't that long ago that I brought my baby girl home!
She attempting talking, she's crawling, sitting up, thinking really hard about walking. 
She had her birthday party the other day and thought I would show some of the fun times. 
 Eva got a special shirt from a church member
Another church member made this special, beautiful birthday cake
cousins and family all came to celebrate
This was Eva's "Smash Cake"
Singing Happy Birthday to her
Just a little Taste
And she LOVED that cake. first time having some real sugar!
Her Aunt Kassie Brewer, Great Aunt Jean Shrewsbury, Grammy and Cousins all came to celebrate.
After a quick bath it was present opening time! 
She loved ripping paper so I think the unwrapping was more fun to her then the actual gifts!

Eva and all seemed to have a blast. Thanks to all who wished her happy birthday! And thank you all for being such caring people in her life. 

Note: I just noticed that this blog has been sitting unpublished for a few months. So if you are wondering why you didn't notice it earlier (That's my fault) Sorry!