"God's Nature" Series

Graphic by Rebecca Brewer
"But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the LORD has done this? In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind." Job 12:7-11

The logo above is for a series I'd like to work on. It's about appreciating the world around us that was created and designed by God. Look closer at this earth. We walk around daily not always noticing the fine details put into every moment and everything. A simple butterfly crossing your path, or the way the grass sways with the breeze. Referring to the above scripture we're told that the proof of his love and creation is in the very things we see. Take time in your day to sit back and enjoy the brief sunset, or watch the way the birds search for food in the morning. Enjoy this life and world we've been gifted.

There's a play of the meaning of the phrase also. The nature that belongs to God, His creation of this world and all the animals, plants and design he put into it. Imagine how differently God looks at this world and all things in it. His true love and admiration for the fish of the water and the animals hidden in the jungle. Look closely at a leaf and hold it up to the sun and see all the complex veins running through it. God designed the mountains that we climb, the trees that shade us and water to cool us.

Another meaning to take from this logo is the nature or personality of God. Take a look at the Giraffe and then try to tell me that God doesn't have a sense of humor! He devoted His love and hope into everything He designed back in the beginning and then he gave it to us to enjoy. Think of it has how a parents designs that perfect toy for their child and then watches with pure joy and happiness at how they play with it.

This blog won't have something posted daily for this series but I'll make sure to label each post with "God's Nature" and an easy way to be able to see all those posts is to use the column on the right side and click the Tag "God's Nature".

This series begins at a good time as my husband and I are soon to go up into the woods of Maine where in the past I've seen loons, beaver, owls and herons, just to name a few of the common wildlife. So keep an eye out for updates and hopefully you will enjoy this series as much as I plan on enjoying it! I'm not certain about what connection I'll be getting out there so it might not be until my return that the images will start showing up online.



Recommended Buys!

Here are some items that I've used and think you would find useful also!

When it comes to putting the ribbons around the pillow boxes I use these

Glue Dots Glue Dots 3/16 Inch Mini Dots

I've really found this Craft ROBO handy when it comes to cutting out the boxes. Sure saves a lot of time and hands so that one doesn't have to use scissors. Also makes sure there's lots of precision and exactness.

Craft ROBO


Pitter Patter of little Baby Feet

A while ago a friend of mine and also a great book designer (Linen Laid & Felt)reccommended a website for finding all types of new and exciting papers called http://www.paper-source.com

I went through and purchased some of their sale/clearance items for me to practice on and have some fun with. You've seen one purchase I made with the silver ivy on the frosted paper. And now I'll show you the baby feet on blue and on pink.

Of course because of my current pregnancy I have an interest on trying to think up unique baby shower and "welcome new baby" gift ideas. For these pillow boxes I thought about the pink baby feet paper.

For an added touch a ribbon going around with delicate cherry blossoms decorating it creating an eye catching contrast. While looking at the photos I thought about using a tag design to have go across and be attached by the ribbon that could be customized to have the Child's name with the due date printed on it.

Or if the parents aren't 100% certain on the child's name they could just have an added flower decoration tucked under the ribbon

For attaching the ribbon I thought that the best thing to use is those glue dots (click to purchase from Amazon) you can find almost at any craft store. They are easy to attach without the worry of it running off the ribbon and onto the box. Also it makes it a little easier to open the ribbon and get to whatever goodies were put inside the pillow box.


First Etsy Listing

I've finally posted my first item in my Etsy shop!!
Frosted Pillow Box

This pillow box is made from some very elegant paper. I love the subtle hint of silver shine on the leaves. I see using some of those pastel mints to fill this pillow box.