Giftcards make great adult gifts!

The thing I think about with these items I have in my shop is how a lot of times it's just easier to give someone a gift card. Especially if it's for someone you don't know really well. There's a pressure to try and think of something they'd like and don't all ready own. Best thing about gift cards is that they can even be put towards a big purchase of something they were wanting. For instance, with my wedding over 2 years ago, my husband and I were able to put together several of the gift cards to purchase our nice vacuum and also some other items that we hadn't thought of needing. We liked that instead of receiving a lot of things we didn't need and didn't have room for in our small apartment we had these gift cards that we could spend whenever and on whatever we needed. The thing I always noticed is that the tiny envelopes they have for these giftcards are usually pretty boring and are mostly covered in the stores logo or name. By purchasing the pillow boxes that I sell you can create a unique way to present the gift cards. 

Lots of people have office parties where they have to provide small gifts, or play secret Santa, or children maybe have a whole classroom full of friends that they want to try and find something for, even a few favorite teachers. What's easier then a few $5-$25 giftcards to places like Target or Best Buy or a popular restaurant and just wrapping them up in a decorated pillow box?
With all that said, I've been wanting to do something special and exciting for the Christmas holiday coming up.

My first thought was something playing off of the song "12 days of Christmas" Even though the actual 12 Days of Christmas are supposed to begin on Christmas day and continue to January 5th, I was thinking about working with some coupons, giveaway, maybe a contest or two during the 12 days counting down to Christmas.

Another idea was to just do a ordinary coupon of __% off your entire purchase, plus buying more then one item gives you free shipping and just leave it at that.

I'm still trying to think up more ideas but feel free to give me some help!!
I've come up with some new items to add, just haven't added them yet.

As for my lovely baby daughter, Eva, she's growing up well and learning to make all kinds of new coos and noises. I return to work tomorrow and all ready know I'll miss her.

So yea, here's you short and quick update!
Need ideas for giftcards? I've listed some below