Countdown to Due Date

According to the doctors my due date is tomorrow, October 20th.
My husband and I are so very anxious and excited for our first child's arrival. Our daughter has certainly spoiled me to this whole pregnancy thing. She never gave me a day of morning sickness, she's not caused me too much pain or worry. God has blessed us with a wonderful time, and we know it's only going to get better.

I recently had a fun adventure into working with adhesive vinyl. I designed a butterfly with Eva's name in a cursive font and set it up with the CraftROBO to be cut out.

The hardest part was piecing it back together on the door! Not to mention I found out that if the vinyl lines weren't cut through all the way and are thing that they break pretty easily. I found it fun and am working on some more ideas for inside the nursery. It's going to be a great alternative to these white walls! And I'm certain our landlord will be happy that we resisted painting.

As for my usual craft of choice, the pillow boxes - I've been attempting to motivate myself to work more on them but the motivation has slacked. I'm sure once I'm off of work and taking care of Eva 24/7 I'll find myself needing something to do (other then catch up on sleep time) The items I'm selling will be my only income for 3 weeks since I'm a contract Graphic Designer with the local Newspaper (no benefits) so if you wouldn't mind trying to help increase my sales by passing along my info I'd really appreciate it. http://StormGazerDesigns.etsy.com
As of right now I'm running a special FREE SHIPPING until I go into the hospital to deliver my daughter. Now is a good time to stock up on the pillow boxes!

Anyways, I figured this blog needed a bit of an update - I'm off to go find something on TV to watch while I wait for my husband to return from work.