Countdown to Valentine's Day

Many people hear the holiday "Valentine's Day" and start to ruffle up. Declaring it an evil holiday, with no love for singles! While I can see their reasoning, I'd like to offer an alternative to this thought process. What if instead of wallowing in a pool of self-pity over your marital status, take a moment to focus on other loves of your life. What about friends and family? Take another single friend out on a "date" and plan on having some fun together. Strengthen your bonds with a family member on that day! I think that Valentine's Day is a perfect day to just "Share the Love" with those around you. In a world that so quickly resorts to negativity and depression, let's shine a light out there to others and just boost the general moral to those around us.

What about a perspective change?  What if we were to adopt the idea that Valentines Day is not just for couples, but for everybody?  While your friends might be buying flowers for their partners, consider the people in your world that you love, and that love you back.  Something special for your Mom, a telephone call to your Dad.  Perhaps your daughter would appreciate flowers as much as any lover would.  Maybe spending the evening with your son watching a hockey game would be one way to express your particular brand of love.  Random acts of kindness can bring a surprisingly wonderful sense of well-being.  (source)

Not sure where to go or what to do? 
What about taking them out to just talk, catch up and spend some quality time together? Take them out to a coffee shop and enjoy some nice convo over java.
Don't have a good time to be able to take them out? Plan ahead and send out some notes or cards to them to just boost their day. Send a silly text letting them know you are thinking about them, or call them up for a 10 min convo during a work break. 
Have plenty of time? Why not plan a small vacation with them? Take them out to a large shopping area and just window shop or plan a spa date together. Maybe check out a concert or sporting event that you will both enjoy. 

Now to setup for a self-promo
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