Announcing the New Mrs. Brewer

Today is the day!!

George and I have become happily one!

off to Alaska!


Wedding Songs

Here's my wedding playlists for the wedding.

I used a lot of soundtracks as songs mainly because George and I are big into watching movies, and also (my family knows this and teased me on occasion for it) usually if I'm watching a good movie instead of the first thing from my mouth being "I want that movie" it was "I want that soundtrack"

Songs that Played before the ceremony
(while people were being seated)

The Songs for the ceremony
(grandparents being seated, parents being seated, Mom's putting plants up on unity table, groomsmen and bridesmaids going up and finally the brides entry)

The Unity plants
(instead of candles we used a pot to put the two individual plants in as one)

Our Exit
(Introducing George and Rebecca Brewer)

Special Dances
(George and I, Dad and I, George and his Mom)

Reception Dances
(picked out a mix of special ones, silly ones, ones recommended by friends, and ones given to me)