I'm Pregnant!

For those who haven't heard I am pregnant. Which means a lot of my time has been devoted to trying to set up the house and prepare ourselves for the pitter patter of little feet.

April 8th we were told that it is a girl!
We are going to name her Eva Catherine

Note I posted on Facebook:
What will her name be?

I just found out today at 12 weeks 1 day pregnant that I am having a little girl!
Her predicted due date is October 20, 2010 (10-20-2010)

George and I had thought long and hard over the years of what we'd like to name our future children. We knew we weren't ready for them yet (at that time) but we also knew we definitely wanted to have them.

Ever since listening to a song by Nightwish I'd loved the name "Eva"
We considered trying for a longer version (Evangeline or Geneva or Evalynn) and using Eva as a nickname but nothing really seemed to be what we liked and decided to keep as just Eva.

our next step was to think of a good middle name that went well with Eva. I got to thinking about my aunt who'd passed away unexpectedly. Catherine Ladd. That just flowed and sounded perfect. We loved it instantly so that was our first choice for if we had a girl.

So I would like to introduce you all to our future daughter - Eva Catherine Brewer

Ultrasound Photos

Here's the album for her 12 week photos
What I'm going to do is show the original photo and then if you click to the next photo I'll have the one I took into Photoshop and pointed out her parts. I know if you weren't actually viewing the moving image of the baby it's sometimes tough to decipher those still images.

At the 12 week ultrasound

First thing the doctor tells me is "well there's only 1 in there!" Talk about a sigh of relief! Twins supposedly run in George's family. And I'd actually poofed out a bit fast.

He zoomed in and there she was moving her fingers, moving her arms. She would bounce a little on her back. She was laying on her back and he couldn't get her to face him so that he could get a good measurement or a look at her gender. He would gently poke at her and at one point we swore it looked like she pushed back. Finally it looked like she was going to move the right way but then she decided to turn on her other side with her back to him. But we got a good look at her spine then!

Dr. Thompson decided that it might help if we gave her a break and allowed me to stand up and stretch and move around with hopes that she would flip around herself.

So we tried again and this time she finally adjusted herself just right and he was able to say for sure that she was a ... well SHE! I don't want to go into deep specifics on how you know but if you Google it you will see what doctors can look for.

There have been many new mothers lately and most of them who've talked to me have had Dr. Thompson as their doctor. They've told me that whatever gender he says it will be, then it WILL be that gender. No one has yet told me that he's been wrong. So I trust what he says!

He was able to see that she's very healthy and has less then 1% chance of down syndrome and other diseases that they're able to look for at this point.

There was one point it really looked like she had the hiccups. It was such a moment and I wish I could have somehow been able to keep the video to review of the ultrasound. I can't wait for the 21 week ultrasound!!


Setting up an Etsy Shop

Wow, I haven't written in this blog for forever. Things go way too hectic!
I'll try to get better at this.

So I've been watching a couple friends of mine crafting their own things and have been feeling the itch to start doing some personal crafting and selling myself.

I'm currently looking into Lampwork beadmaking. Unfortunately I'm having trouble finding a class to learn it (and see if it's something I really will enjoy doing) that isn't over an hour's drive from where I live.

But I've still set up a shop that has nothing listed in it haha